Kevin Walton

Kevin is a retired Fire Captain Specialist from the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District after a 30+ career in public safety. He was born in California whose family settled into Los Angeles in the late 1800’s. The Inland Empire has been his home for 35 years residing in Mira Loma, Yucaipa, and now Banning. He and his wife Susan have raised 5 children and have 5 grandchildren. Kevin is passionate about water issues in California. As a SGPWA Director, his priorities are:

  • To continuing the vision of the early pioneers of the pass area to ensure that water is available to commercial and residential uses, now and into the future.
  • Ensure that the expenditure of public funds is used wisely.
  • The public has a voice through their representative.
  • Provide leadership to staff so that they can succeed in meeting the agency’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Safeguarding the public trust in the agency, the staff, and the elected officials.

Term of Office: Elected in November 2022, his term ends November 2026


Kevin Walton

Secretary, Division 3