The San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency (SGPWA) was established in 1961 by the California State Legislature. The Agency boundaries extend through Calimesa, Beaumont, Banning and Cabazon.

The Agency is one of 29 State Water Contractors. Each Contractor is responsible for importing water from Northern California through the State Water Project (California aqueduct) into their service area.  Click here to learn more about State Water Contractors.

SGPWA imports supplemental water to protect and enhance local water supplies for use by current and future water users. The Agency plays a leadership role in managing essential regional water resources.

Board of Directors

SGPWA is a public agency with an elected Board of Directors, conducting monthly Board meetings and a monthly Finance and Engineering workshop that are open to the public. Committee Members meet on an as-needed basis.

2022 District Map
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Local Groundwater Information

The U.S. Geological Survey provides unbiased, timely, and relevant information, studies, and data about groundwater resources of the nation.

Water Rates

Click here to read the Wholesale Water Rates Policy setting water rates to retailers effective April 15, 2019.

Strategic Plan

Learn how SGPWA works diligently to provide regional leadership to meet the water supply needs of a growing region, now and into the future.

Statement of Agency Role

State Water Contractor

The San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, as one of 29 State Water Contractors and the State Water Contractor for the region, is responsible for operating and maintaining the Project within our service area, and extending it to serve our entire service area from Calimesa to Cabazon.

Groundwater Basins

The San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency is an advocate for the groundwater basins within our service area, including the Beaumont and Cabazon basins as well as lesser groundwater basins. It is our goal to preserve them for current and future generations. In order to do this, we import supplemental water from whatever sources provide the highest quality at the lowest price, including the State Water Project as well as other potential sources. We work with local water retailers and others to manage local and regional water resources in a sustainable manner. We are committed to end groundwater overdraft in our service area.

Water Conservation and Education

We encourage water conservation throughout our service area as a means to stretch our existing resources and help preserve our local groundwater. We consider it our job to educate the public on water issues so that they understand that water is a limited resource in our region.

The Statement of Agency Role was adopted December 4, 2006.

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