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Citrus Reservoir Aerial
Aerial view of the Citrus Reservoir
The East Branch Extension begins at Devil Canyon Power Plant in San Bernardino (near the Cal State, San Bernardino campus) and traverses the cities of San Bernardino, Highland, and Yucaipa before crossing into Riverside County. It then traverses the City of Calimesa and the community of Cherry Valley before ending near the intersection of Orchard Street and Noble Street.
SGP Subbasin Monitoring Wells
Your tax dollars at work - Cabazon Site
SGP Subbasin Monitoring Wells
Well Driller at the Cabazon site
Crafton Hills Reservoir
Construction of a half-mile long, 48-inch diameter pipeline connecting the existing EBX Pipeline with the existing Yucaipa Pipeline.
Crafton Hills Reservoir
The Crafton Hills Reservoir will include a bypass pipeline around the reservoir.
Crafton Hills Reservoir
2014 Crafton Hills Reservoir Refill
Brookside Recharge Facility Pipeline Project
Installation of pipeline connecting the ponds to the East Branch Extension under Orchard Street
Field well maintenance
Out in the field well maintenance.
Well measuring
Regular maintenance of wells.
Measuring well depth.
Citrus Reservoir & Pump Station
Part of the EBX Phase II, placed in service in April 2017
Citrus Reservoir
Reservoir has storage capacity of approximately 560 acre-feet and a surface area of about 18 acres.
Cherry Valley Pump Station
Cherry Valley Pump Plant will be enlarged from 32 cfs to 52 cfs.
Cherry Valley Pump Station
Pump install at the Cherry Valley Pump Station.
Cherry Valley Pump Station
One of three pump stations in the East Branch Extension.
Brookside Recharge Facility
This facility will help to drought-proof the region by adding the ability to store more water in our local aquifers.
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Existing Facilities

East Branch Extension. The East Branch Extension, or EBX, is the portion of the State Water Project that conveys water to the Pass area. It begins at the Devil Canyon Power Plant in San Bernardino and ends on Noble Street just south of Orchard Street in Cherry Valley. The California Department of Water Resources decided to add the EBX to the State Water Project in the 1990’s. The project was a partnership between the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, (Valley District), and the Agency. Construction of Phase 1 was completed in 2003. Phase II was completed in 2017. The EBX is operated by the Agency and Valley District under an agreement with the Department of Water Resources. Click here to view EBX Contract.

Recently Completed Facilities

East Branch Extension Phase 2. Phase 2 of the East Branch Extension, the series of pipes, pump stations, and reservoirs that convey water to the Pass from our delivery point, Devil Canyon Power Plant in the City of San Bernardino, was designed to allow the Agency to import its full allotment of 17,300 acre-feet of water in a year. The project consists of six miles of 66-inch pipe under the Santa Ana River and through Mentone to Yucaipa, the new Citrus Pump Station and Reservoir in Mentone, and additional pumps for the Crafton Hills and Cherry Valley Pump Stations.
Brookside Recharge Facility. The Brookside Recharge Facility is a new groundwater recharge facility (as of 2019) that will enable the Agency to import more water in wet years when it is available and to store it in the local groundwater basin. By adding the ability to store more water in local aquifers, the facility will help to drought-proof the region. Storage is one of the keys to surviving droughts. The facility, located at the southwest corner of Brookside and Beaumont Avenue in Beaumont, consists of five large ponds, a pipeline connecting the ponds to the East Branch Extension under Orchard Street, and a new connection to the East Branch Extension.

Map of Facilities in the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency Area

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