Mandatory Water Conservation

CA Water Resources Control BoardThe State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) recently adopted a resolution making residential outdoor water conservation required across the state.  The resolution was widely broadcast in part because the resolution calls for fines of up to $500 per day for homeowners who violate the new requirements.  The text of the regulations may be found here.  A summary of the restrictions may be found here.

Local water districts around the state are required to enforce the new regulations.  If you have questions about what they mean to you, you may want to check the web site of your local water supplier.

If you live in Beaumont or Cherry Valley, click here.

If you live in Banning, click here.

If you live in Calimesa, click here.

If you live in another unincorporated area, your water purveyor may not have a web site.  You are encouraged to contact your local supplier by phone if you have questions.